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Wow! What a wonderful cd! I can’t believe the sound quality (I know a bit about how hard trying to record a live concert can be….) and a superb reminder of attending your live concerts. Particularly pleased to have recordings of several “regulars” not previously available (especially Miss Fogarty’s cake, Christmas Trilogy, Five Valleys Wassail and The Lighthouse Keeper), and really like The Eve of Christmas Day (which moved me to tears at the actual concert….).The CD cover is also a wonderful design, with a fabulous front cover, which ought to win some sort of award on its own account. Thank you so much for such a splendid early Christmas present- in some small way, I feel something good has come out of the disappointment of being unable to attend the live concerts this year.- L.H in Devon

Thanks for the Live CD – very evocative, a terrific sound and great audience – you must miss that! – M.B in Essex

Over 10 years ago you were kind enough to allow me to arrange your setting of Hardy’s The Oxen for Loughborough Male Voice Choir of which I am Music Director. We have sung it every year since, and I thought you might like to know that this year the Choir have voted it their favourite of all the Christmas pieces they have sung in the past ten years. Your West Country Christmas CD was our family’s go to Christmas choice – although the Innocents’ Song used to terrify my younger son.” – C.H in Leics

Many thanks for sending me copies of Midwinter and 30 Songs! Midwinter is beautiful, just like being at one of your live shows!  30 Songs is a wonderful showcase for your FANTASTIC songs!! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!  

Hoping to see you again soon and to hear you sing live!!  – R.R in Kent

I have received the wonderful new live Midwinter album and it is such a joy to listen to and has lifted our spirits hugely at these strange and difficult times. Very good quality sound and a lovely varied programme of songs and tunes. Happy memories too of that Decameron sound with Geoff on cello and Dick singing and playing too. Marvellous fiddle and recorder from Paul solid backing on bass and drums and of course your own wonderful voice, songwriting, guitar and keyboard playing.  A total treat from start to finish. – A.B in Yorkshire

 Your album with Laurie Lee and Force of the River easily make our top 10 favourite albums of all time (and with a combined age of over 100 we have heard a lot of music). We are really looking forward to your next solo album; the thought alone brightens up the prospects of 2021.Looking forward to the new Midwinter live album and seeing you in 2021. Your music makes a real difference to our lives. – K & M.B in East Sussex

We’re just enjoying this while wrapping stocking presents for the grandchildren, even though we won’t be with them on the day….all very sad but we all want to stay safe…thanks so much for sending it to us…the quality is really excellent given it’s a live recording…and your voice is as amazing as ever!Stand out track for me is Oh Holy Night – you do a stunning job on that – long may you keep on making music! – P.B in Cumbria

Just wanted to thank you for the link to your YouTube video of Keep the Flame. I shall be playing that video again and again. Absolutely beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes! Praying that the new year will give us back our voices and we will be able to perform again. Hoping that you will come and sing for us all in Dorset once more! – G.R in Dorset

What an absolute treat the video (on youtube) is, Keep the Flame is an all time favourite with me, and l don’t restrict playing it just in the winter. Really tugs at the heartstrings. The photos are just stunning, especially of the Cathedral. You really should be persuaded to make a DVD. – J.H in Glos.

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the new album. We were finding it hard to get in the Christmas spirit this year but playing Midwinter has done the trick. Really soaking in the atmosphere of the recording and if we close our eyes, we can pretend we are there in the audience. – A.F in Cornwall

The new CD sounds terrific. Your earlier Christmas CDs are now part of tradition in this household. Always Christmas music while making mince pies, the cake and Christmas biscuits – P.R in Australia

The new album sounds superb. Well done. It was especially good to hear the songs co-written with Dave and live performances of songs I already love. –  C.E-L in Shropshire

I was rather unsure as to what to expect of the live recording; I haven’t bought a live album in years and was always rather disappointed in the sound quality of the ones I acquired in the 1980s. What a revelation this one is! The musicianship is crisp, the instruments clear and bright, and the singing fabulous. The family really enjoyed it enormously. Well done to all of you, and to the sound engineers too. – D.W in Surrey

We are delighted with the new CD – lovely to hear our old favourites but equally great to listen to the new material.  We think that it’s the best yet! Keep up the good work.  – R.H in Wiltshire

My CD arrived in the post late on Christmas Eve and I played it for the first time that evening and it has virtually been on “repeat” ever since!   I think that the album is absolutely superb. It manages, somehow, to capture the warmth of the live performance but with the near sound quality of a studio recording, so one very happy customer here. – B & S.M in Glos.

Your Christmas CDs are my favourites!  My son, who is now 19, has grown up singing them his whole life.  They are synonymous with Christmas in our home! – L.F in USA

Thanks so much for the links to youtube tracks.  Really enjoyed listening to the album which sounds great!  Also love the presentation, signature image and photography.  Really lovely package and congratulations on having this idea. – J & G.B in Glos.

Many thanks for sending me copies of Midwinter and 30 Songs! Midwinter is Beautiful, just like being at one of your live shows! 30 Songs is a wonderful showcase for your FANTASTIC songs!! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year! Hoping to see you again soon and to hear you sing live!!  – R.R in Kent

The CD is very well recorded (I know how hard that is to do when you only have one shot at it). Plus the programme last year was, for my tastes, a particularly good selection, including my particular ‘spine tingle’ songs, Song for Loders and Innocents’ Song. Well done to all concerned with the production and, of course, the performers. – M.W 

Thanks so much for links to youtube – it’s been wonderful to watch some of Martin’s images over Christmas…and listening to lots of your CDs too as usual of course – L.H in Devon

Thank you so much for your email, the CDs arrived in time for me to enjoy on Christmas morning – perfect! I followed the links and watched the youtube AVs with Martin Fry, they are so good that I felt a bit discouraged by my effort but I know that Martin is one of the top AV guys so I guess I’ll carry on and be inspired by him!  The song which I tried to do an AV to was Dream of England which is one of my favourites and seemed to lend itself to an AV.  A friend who is much better than me at producing AVs did a really good one to Postcards from Cornwall.  I guess your music conjures up so many pictures! I do hope that 2021 is a better year and that you can come to Devon again for a concert. – B.F in Devon

The live Christmas album from 19 December (2019) is superb! All your songs have really helped me through this time and will continue to do so, now especially when we need to hold on to the flame of hope. – S.W in Wiltshire

Good to know that your songs are being heard far and wide. I always thought the West Country Christmas was a great album. Although I have to say the more I listen to Midwinter, the more I like it. I thought I would be irritated by the fact that it is a live album, but in fact it has done the opposite and evoked lovely memories of the AOWN tours. Listening yesterday, I even thought that I could hear myself screeching in appreciation after a couple of the songs! – K.G in Glos.

Just a brief note to thank you for sending me your Midwinter CD. Highlights this Christmas were about as rare as hen’s teeth, but when your CD dropped through the letterbox on Christmas Eve it lifted my spirits no end. I do hope that it won’t be too long before we can once again make, and listen to live music. Recent times have reminded many of us just how important music is in our lives – in whatever form or genre. – F.S in West Sussex

I just wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed listening to ‘’Midwinter’, an album full of classic Christmas music, and all so well produced and performed. So much so that I can’t wait for the festive season to come around again!  I have always especially liked ‘Song for Loders’, but on this record I find myself totally spoilt for choice.  A real triumph! – J.M in Scotland

The Midwinter album is superb as usual. Listening to it took me back to past years of concerts. – M.H in West Midlands

There was some great feedback to my album BORDERLAND …….
Just listening through to the album for the first time; it’s a lovely thing; I particularly enjoyed ‘Cariad Cyntal’; must be my Celtic blood…
As for your version of ‘Homeward’, it’s beautifully rendered, I particularly like that you have approached it on piano, making it your own. It’s always interesting to hear other folk cover my songs; the nuances kept and the fresh investments. Love it; the cello and backing vocals are particularly moving” – Trevor Jones

“I’ve listened 3 times to the CD and I think it’s the best I’ve ever heard you, Johnny. It’s not because I’m on it; the CD has great class and poignancy
– a beautiful and rounded musical journey.  Well done you! And the artwork is superb” – Karen Tweed

”Fantastic concert at Budleigh in January and the new CD is lovely as usual.
Looking forward to seeing you down this way again and thanks for creating such heavenly music.” S.S in Devon

Thanks for getting the “Borderland” CD to me within a few days of ordering it.  I’ve now played it quite a few times.  It’s a beautiful album.  Every song stands out alone, obviously carefully chosen, each one so perfect for your voice.  The supporting instrumentalists are brilliant, including your always regular Paul Burgess and Mike Silver.  Katharine’s artwork compliments the album’s theme perfectly.  It’s difficult to pick out a favourite song but “Homeward”, “John Condon”, “Gloucestershire from Abroad”, and “Mary from Dungloe” have really touched my soul.  Many of the songs I find quite moving, and I know that giving it more plays over time, each song will have its own individual appeal.
I must depart by saying it’s absolutely wonderful to hear your oh-so-clear voice again, on a fresh album.  Long may you keep producing them.” M.M in Hampshire

“ I just had to write to say how pleased we are with your Borderland album. Every song a brilliant gem. I’ll always love Homeward – it’s a beauty. John Condon is so beautifully sad, so evocative, it makes me cry! Mary From Dungloe is gorgeous, Love Joseph Baker, and the Borderland instrumental is so pretty. But really I love it all. It’s an album we’ve so looked forward to, and it was certainly
Worth the wait. Katharine’s artwork is so colourful and attractive – love it. A lovely-lovely album.” M and M.L in Berkshire

“ Borderland is brilliant!” – L.M. In Nottingham

“Have listened to Borderland a few times now since receiving the CD in the post, I think it is vintage Johnny Coppin and takes me back to my first tape of English Morning
with the music, the arrangements and vocals being outstanding.” P.G. In Wiltshire

“The CD arrived safely yesterday thank you, I  love it, just what the Dr ordered after a stressful day at work.
Cariad Cyntaf made me homesick for Llandrindod Wells. Compliments to Katherine the artist also” – S.B in Worcestershire

“To my ear, your writing and delivery are at their finest. I particularly liked the song about John Condon – but I enjoyed every track” – D.W. In London

“I’ve enjoyed the artwork on this album just as much as the music. A wonderful cover, lively, dramatic, superb colour – a typical Kathy painting in fact.
I also liked the back cover of the booklet, and the background to track seven’s lyrics.
As far as the music’s concerned, I am in complete agreement with Karen Tweed – and so far I like nearly every track.
I absolutely love your music to the Brazier’s Daughter – I never thought anything would surpass Martin Simpson’s version of this song, but this is great.
I also love Moonlit Apples and Gloucestershire from Abroad, but my favourite ones currently are Cariad Cyntaf, Homeward and When the Morning’s Here.
The Borderland tune is fantastic, and is it perhaps unusual to call the album after an instrumental? I can really see why you did.
Anyway, I’ll stop going on, and just say I’m really enjoying listening, and many congratulations.” – K.G in Gloucestershire

“What a beautiful album! You must be very proud of it. You have obviously put in a lot of thought and care into it’s production. You have taken Dream of England and made it very special – we love the arrangement. I always thought the song too long, but it was hard to decide which verse to drop! Your suggestion of adding the mid section was a great idea and certainly improved it., but now you have paired up the verses and played with the middle and added extra chords, it is a much better song. We are very honoured that you have chosen to include it on the album and with the other war songs.
The very first time I saw Show of Hands, some eighteen years ago, Phil Beer introduced Mary fom Dungloe as a song he had learnt from you. I always meant to ask you, why I had never heard you play it. I was thrilled to hear it on the album and loved it. My sixteen year old son, Luke is now playing acoustic guitar pretty well and asked me to show him the chords after hearing your arrangement – interesting as he has heard Phil’s version many times and not shown interest in the song before. You’ve gained another Anderson fan!”- John and Caroline Anderson (writers of Dream of England)

“The new CD arrived today! That was quick!  I have not listened to all of it yet, but  I will have more favourite tracks to choose from!
I think the booklet and presentation is great, easy to read, and I am very glad the words of the songs are there. The artwork is lovely too.
Congrats to all involved, it must have been a lot of work – sure to be a favourite with your fans!”

* Feedback from Nettlebed  with PHIL BEER  18 March 2013

Well, I thought your last two concerts with Phil Beer were so enjoyable that they could not be bettered, but this last one proved that the impossible sometimes happens!  What a wonderful evening, and what huge fun to witness two such accomplished musicians enjoying the challenge of performing songs that, while very familiar in the play-lists of one, would not normally feature in the other’s concerts.
I loved the unexpected songs, such as your joint versions of Cocaine Blues and Willin’ , and the whole evening was just brilliant.  Thank you for joining up with Phil again.  If there is a next time (and you will deduce that I hope there is)
might you just possibly consider recording it, simply as a CD record of a unique event?
Show of Hands seem to have done this from time to time – and, of course, come to think of it, Phil and Paul Downes did this in 2008 (‘Live at Nettlebed’) – do think about it.  I would be first in the queue to buy a copy!” – A.V in West Sussex

Thanks for a super evening at Nettlebed – you and Phil are brilliant together.
It was a wonderful evening which we never wanted to end ” –
 M and M.L in Berkshire

I watched you and Phil Beer perform last week at Nettlebed Folk Club.
I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the mix of songs you played, especially enjoying ‘The Winding Stair’ song. I felt there were some lovely elements of James Taylor with a hint of John Denver (both of whom I love!), within the sounds you guys created on stage … a real treat! I write and sing (I was signed to Universal Publishing
for about 6 years), and I released an album on my own label not so long ago. I am now working on some new material so felt very inspired after your gig to get on with it!! … Thanks so much for a great evening. I hope to catch more shows of you and Phil in future.”  – D.A in Surrey
December 2012/ January 2013
Re  CDs – “I would just like to say thank you for creating an album (The Winding Stair) I can listen to whenever, the tracks are phenomenal
and It’s something I can turn onto whenever and still enjoy it without it “getting old” so to speak”.   C.W.
“My JC collection was augmented by the Keeping The Flame mini album, Breaking the Silence and The Winding Stair this Christmas
Having been introduced to your glorious music 20 years ago..” –  P.C in N YorkshireRe radio show– “I wish you luck with your new time slot on BBC Glos.  As always I will be there checking it out.
You really are my link with the area when you give out the dates for folk club in Whitecroft etc.  New Years wishes to you, you are a West Country treasure John! “  – B.N  in USA

Re Christmas Tour –
“As always, a wonderful evening (at Stroud): brilliant atmosphere and superb music. Janice and I both agreed that every year the festive season
begins at your Christmas concert. Thank you (and your band of musicians of course) for all the effort and huge enthusiasm you put into this.
PS –  Your versions of In The Bleak Mid Winter & Parting Glass are, without any doubt, the best I’ve heard!” -K G in Gloucestershire

“Thanks  for a wonderful concert in St Neots; the quality of the music was brilliant and made me feel very festive.“ – J.R. In Cambridgeshire


“Just to say how much we enjoyed the concert in Bristol on Friday. We always feel our Christmas starts with you!  It was good to replace our wobbly cassette version of West Country Christmas with a cd. Loved the new songs-maybe another Christmas album in the pipeline “– G and P.C in Bristol

“Just to say thank you for another superb concert last night here in Bristol.   To me your concerts get better and better as the years go by and I really enjoyed the new songs that you sang and thank you for the dedication you gave me before singing the Sans Day Carol.  Having the young lady accordionist with you was absolutely brilliant and I hope she remains a part of your group.  Here’s looking forward to the next time that you are Bristol.“  – D.B. In Bristol

“Just wanted to send belated, but nonetheless sincere, thanks for the brilliant concert on Saturday. Once again the reaction was superb and everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time. There is another band about whom it is said ‘Christmas starts with…….’. Well, for Feniton, Christmas definitely starts with Johnny Coppin! “ – P.P. In Devon

March/April 2012
“The Show Goes On” Tour with Mike Silver at EXETER, NAILSWORTH, BELPER, HITCHIN, DARTFORD, and SOUTH MOLTON – so thank you so much for your support! Here’s some reaction…

Thanks guys, really good to see you again and you never disappoint, voices as strong and pure as ever. Tracks from Roll on Dreamer brought back memories!” G.B-L Plymouth

t was truly excellent – we were both blown away, and your two hour-long sets just flashed by. You and Mike Silver are very different but you work so well together – I can see why you’ve teamed up. I bought a copy of Coppin and Silver and the production is lovely”  A.W. Devon

“What a truly delightful concert” G.B. Glos
We are playing some Festivals together in the summer and more dates in October and November
December 2011- Reaction

Hi Johnny,
Saw you at Swanland  ( 3 Dec) and thoroughly enjoyed the evening…many thanks…Paul and Mick are wonderful musicians to have along side.
best regards

Dear Johnny,

I have been a fan of yours since the early 1990’s when I lived for a  year in Wales and Ireland after graduating college.I fell in love with your clear, beautiful, voice.  Your voice provided  the auditory imagery of the beauty and majesty that is Britain, especially the English countryside.  Once I came back to the States I  played those tapes I had made of your music over and over again until  they won’t play anymore!  I was in London this past summer and looked  for your music but wasn’t able to find it.
You have a tremendous gift of being able to transport people through your gorgeous music and I thank you for the lifetime of enjoyment you have given this American girl!
L. F.

Hi Johnny,
Thank you for a great show in Feniton. We have just got back home to Cornwall, I really enjoyed the evening and hope to be able to see you again soon.

Hi Johnny
What a wonderful evening you gave us last night at Hedge End Village Hall.  You got through so many beautiful songs, some I knew well and others not so well, or not at all!  The biggest surprise of the evening was your lively rock version of “Rockin’ Robin”.  Such fun.  It’s a long while since I last saw you with my husband Richard.  More often than not, we’re accompanied by my twin sister Mary and her husband Maurice.  It’s possible they travelled further than anyone else last night to see you.  They had travelled down from near Reading in Berkshire.   I think the first time we saw you was possibly 1984 at The Railway Folk Club, Winchester. It was shortly after I’d bought your vinyl LP of “Forest Vale & High Blue Hill”.  I still have it.  We’ve seen you a few times more since then and now.
I’ve enjoyed listening today to your “A Country Christmas” cd that I bought last evening.  Thank you for signing it for me.   I hope it won’t be too long before we all get to see you again. Thanks again from all of us for a perfect evening.  Take care of yourself.  All the best for Christmas and the New Year.
Love & Best Wishes

Hi Johnny
Came to your wonderful concert last evening with four friends.  Two had never heard of you until I invited them!  We all thoroughly enjoyed the mix of songs and odes and of course some of the old favourites.  I particularly liked Keep the Flame and indeed have bought the CD to take away with us next week.  It will be another beautiful selection to listen to while sitting in the sun in the Canaries.
All good wishes and love
M. P.

Hi Johnny
Thanks for a great evening.  The concerts in the Cheltenham Town Hall go
from strength to strength.
Many thanks
A. W.

Hi Johnny
Firstly, I must say thank you again for coming to Feniton last week, the reaction has been fantastic from everyone who attended that I have had contact with and I have received emails and verbal comments as well as a card pushed through my letter box early on the morning following the concert. You may be interested in part of what the card said;
‘It was wonderful and a lovely start to the festive season. Some of the songs brought back child/teenhood memories – songs I had forgotten – then quickly remembered, especially the words. Thank you.’
Even this morning, a week later, I was accosted in the Post Office by one of our older residents enthusing about the concert, how much she enjoyed it and asking how I managed to get such a wonderful show to Feniton!

Good morning Johnny
Unknown to me my dear husband booked for your show @ Stroud last night. I am physically handicapped & have been unable to get to Cheltenham to see you for several years now due to practicalities. However Stroud made it so easy because of the car park behind the venue & then a lift to get up stairs where 2 seats in the 2nd row had been reserved for us.
You were MAGIC and the show was brilliant. So many different pieces and such variety & talent. I never thought I would get to see you again live. I loved every minute of the show & hope to coma again next year.
Best wishes
C. C.

Hello Johnny.
Seasons Greetings from Bev Nash in Keswick, Virginia, USA  I still listen to you every week on BBC Radio Gloucestershire when I am at my work desk.  If ever you can figure out a way to squeeze in Forest Vale and High Blue Hill into the show it would celebrate my 20 years from moving from Newnham on Severn in the Forest to here.  I still communicate with friends, read the local papers … and enjoy your music.
Sincerely,  B. N.    USA

Happy Christmas!
I’ve just played “A Country Christmas” – with “West Country Christmas” this has to be among my very favourite Christmas albums. And we loved the show in the Sub Rooms, Stroud last week. So a big thank you to you (and your colleagues) for all the marvellous music – supporting is an absolute pleasure!
L and M. H.

September 2010
re concert at Nettlebed with Phil Beer (Show of Hands)

“Another wonderful and memorable evening at Nettlebed yesterday – 180 mile round-trip from the Sussex coast and worth every mile! I was at your last Nettlebed gig with Phil Beer, and it was magical: if anything, yesterday’s was even better. I do so hope that you will appear together again – I’ll certainly be there! Nothing could quite capture the joyous spirit of the evening, but maybe next time a recording might be possible? If Phil’s film of yesterday’s gig ever becomes available I shall certainly be after it! Thank you for a great evening and for your songs.” – A.V in Sussex

“What a wonderful evening at Nettlebed Folk Club on Monday 13th September. Really enjoyed listening to all the songs that you and Phil Beer performed. Also looked as though you were both having a great time. One question i have is have you and Phil Beer ever made a CD together.- W.B in Church Crookham, Fleet.

“Thank you for a truly memorable concert at Nettlebed. The combination of your lyrical singing and playing and Phil’s musical pyrotechnics was perfect. Hope you’ll team up again at a venue near us!”- L. H in Berkshire

” Just to let you know how much I enjoyed the evening at Rockhampton on Saturday 11th September. You selected a wide variety of songs and it was a sheer pleasure to listen to all of them. As for the Winding Stair CD, what can I say? At the moment my favourite is ‘Lakes of Coolfin‘ (such beautifully clear singing matched with great use of the keyboard, complemented with the recorder) but as I play the CD antother 10 times, I guess I will have 10 different favourites. I look forward to coming to another of your events some time in the future. Best wishes” – R S. in South Gloucestershire

August 2010

“We really enjoyed your concert in Malmesbury and by the way the audience joined in. It is the first time we have been to a solo concert- and it was just great.”- D and R G, Wiltshire

” Thank you for the superb concert at the Guildhall, Gloucester yesterday evening. It’s always good to hear you perform anything from your vast repertoire and both my wife Gillian and I thought that last night’s programme was beautifully balanced. Thanks especially for including “Cotswold Lad” and “This Night the Stars” – truly beautiful songs which you always manage to sing as if they were new. We hadn’t heard Peter Combe before and we thought that songs he sang on his own were superb. However, it was the songs which you sang together which were the real high spots of the evening. Your voices complimented one another beautifully. Can we also add our thanks to Paul Burgess for the fantastic way he contributes to your concerts. Those who have seen you play together regularly will know what an integral part of the evening Paul’s performances are and we never take his involvement for granted. We adore his humour, whether in Christmas concert readings or in jokes and poems which he always seems to have ready to fill what might otherwise be awkward silences. It is clear that you appreciate his musical talents as much as anyone in the audience. Once again, thank you to each and every one of you for a smashing evening. We look forward to future albums and concerts with as much anticipation as we have always done.” – I. P in Glos.

March 2010

“I think it was during the summer of 1994 that a good and dear friend of mine gave me a cassette tape of “Edge of Day“. It has delighted and inspired me the scores of times I have listened to it down the years. A little earlier this evening, in the brisk cold of this moonlit night, I made the half-mile walk to my post-box and found that this same friend of 1994 had sourced and sent me your CD! It was an inexpressible joy for me to hear Laurie’s poems and your hauntingly beautiful music once again. I realise that these poems and your music have become a part of me, and are incorporated within my own being, and hearing them again was like returning home to “paradise”. – S. B in Italy

“Thank you very much for sending me the two compact discs, ‘ Edge of Day‘ and ‘ The Gloucestershire Collection.’ They are great. I play them all the time. I listened to ÔEdge of DayÕ, whilst driving through the countryside last week, with its mix of poetry and music. It just enhanced the journey so much. The music and words seemed as if they had been written about the journey I was travelling. I also really enjoyed listening to the compilation CD ‘ The Gloucestershire Collection,’ and to discover so many English twentieth century poets that I had not heard of. .What a brilliant idea to take their poems then write the music that inspired you listening to their words. It must have been a very exhilarating….. ” – N.F. in Surrey

“Received my copy of ‘Say Hello to the Band‘ thankyou. Very pleased with it and he extras are very good, particularly the version of ‘Rock and Roll away‘. ‘Friday night at the Regal‘ brought back memories as my brother and I used to go to the Regal in Boston most Saturday nights – until he managed to get himself banned! I well remember the double seats. Unfortunately I couldn’t persuade any girls to join me on them!.” – P R in Glos.

January 2010 Ð

“Thanks so much for a really lovely evening at Cheltenham Town Hall on the 17th December. The mixture of old and new material was wonderful – I particularly liked the “new song” Homeward ( if indeed that’s what its called ?) and Astrologer’s Journey which is one of my favourites. Also good to see Dik back on the strings again – haven’t seen him play the viola for a long time and to see the wonderful Karen Tweed.” – H. A. in Glos

“Just to say the Stroud concert was the best Christmas Show yet!! Karen Tweed was a revelation, economical and sympathetic with every note.” –

P E and J L in Birmingham

“Many thanks for the superb performances from Paul, Mick and you, Johnny, as you began your Christmas tour with us last night. The excellent programme of songs and readings provided us with an evening to treasure. You evoked seasonal memories, warm nostalgia and some rustic country customs; and you did this with lyrics of integrity and a marvellous musicality which touched us to the heart, and some original songs which were graced with your pure voice. On a Winter’s night the audience all went home with a tune on its lips and a smile on its face.” – N.W. in Bedfordshire

“Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the concert at St. Mary Redcliffe on Wednesday. It was a beautiful setting and we particularly enjoyed some of the new songs we hadn’t heard before. Your Christmas concert is always a very special part of our Christmas celebration.” G and P C in Bristol

“Came and saw you last night in St Mary Redcliffe Church (Bristol) and I thought out of the four times that I have been to see your concerts last night was the best you have ever sung. I was really pleased with the songs that you sang from your West Country Christmas album as this was the first one I ever bought. Must admit that my favourite album is The Ivor Gurney Story as your singing and music on it are superb. Thank you for signing your new CD for me.” – D B Bristol

“Very much enjoyed your Town Hall concert, especially the Wassail songs, Astrologers Journey , Drive the Cold Winter Away, and your setting of Charles Causley’s Herod poem (Innocents’ Song) which I think is a masterpiece.” A B in Worcs

Oct 09

“I’ve just listened to your Winding Stair CD for the first time and it’s definitely up to your usual high standard. It will rank with my three present favourites- West Country Christmas, Keep the Flame, Forest and Vale etc… Keep the superb music coming – more power to your elbow (and fingers and vocal chords). ” – M.C. in Bristol

“Your unique CDs belong to my absolute favourites, and whenever I find some peaceful moment, I listen to the sound of your extraordinary voice and let the songs carry me away” -A. C. in Germany

Sept 09

re Chippenham concert. “Thanks so much for a brilliant night on Saturday, you just get better everytime I see you! A really memorable concert. – D J in Wilts

Re – Songwriting Weekend- Sept 2009

“Separating myself completely from the various pressures that I face and focus on being creative for a whole weekend is a great treat and we couldn’t have wished for a better setting /or weather /or company”- G.B in Glos.

“I had to laugh when I found the email with YOU thanking us…. good grief! I went through so much, this last weekend and it has made the most enormous impact upon me. As I travelled to the house on Friday I kept asking myself what on EARTH I thought I was doing!!! and by 10.55 on Saturday I had been in tears twice in a panic because I felt so out of my depth….blinkin’ DADGAD… and 1,4,5…??? ( was that it? quick, look at my notes…) and relative minors…HEAVENS TO BETSY!… I still can’t imagine that I got through it all. Today I have been very sad, just missing all the people I met and sad it’s all over. Contrary Mary or WHAT!?” – S E in Glos

July 2009

“Thank you for such wonderful music and song last night at Bournemouth. Speechless to describe what I mean! Your voice, your playing………. fantastic! So uplifting. Such a great atmosphere Glad to get three more of your C.D’s . Listened to Christmas music all the way home. Loved your rendering of Innocent’s Song. At the concert it was the first time I had heard Peace Descends live. You did it so beautifully. An unforgettable evening thanks to YOU! Thanks again.” – C. W. (Swanage, Dorset)

“Just found your website through Mike Silver’s site.. I haven’t heard anything from you since the 80’s…I can never recall anyone with so much energy and enthusiasm!! I and a lovely French girlfriend at the time loved your music and I did one or two as floor spots… “The Road Goes down to Gloucester Town” I recall… Great to see you are still going and alive and well….. IÕll look out for your stuff in future.!! – J.L

“Johnny who??” is how I sadly replied to my friend’s invitation to last night’s concert! Sorry! She was selling tickets at the door and said I could sit near her if I was worried about going there alone. She has supported me with the cancer charity for which I volunteer, so I thought I would return the favour! All I can say is… I now realise what wonderful music I’ve been missing out on all these years…. but its reached me at just the right time in my life – a turning point. Yours was the first concert I had been to in ages as I am struggling to come out of a period of stress, anxiety and depression caused by bullying. My local authority employer has now dismissed me after 14 years service, effectively as a result of me making a formal complaint. Now waiting to go to Employment Tribunal in October. Thank you for making a difference Have put a link to your website on my Facebook page L V- B’mouth

PS: I started writing poetry about a wonderful but ‘doomed’ (he was a musician!!) relationship in 2007/08… 8 poems in a year. Strange – I didn’t write poetry before and haven’t been able to since. Taking the liberty of emailing you my last effort – I’ve probably got a lot to learn – is it worth me attending one of your workshops?

“Great to hear your lovely songs again at Trowbridge – thought you sounded great and did a brilliant job singing without P.A.! ” – on a postcard of Rydal Water from D.J. in Wiltshire

“I just can’t tell you enough that your talent is remarkable and the United States is truly missing a great thing by not knowing you and your music”.

– M. G. in USA

April 2009

“Thanks for The Winding Stair CD and its every bit as good as I’d hoped. I was inspired to buy it by Mike Harding’s show on BBc Radio 2 when he played The Winding Stair.” S.B. in Worcs

“We just wanted to tell you that last month we finally got to stay in Rydal. We’ve been wanting to go there ever since hearing your song for the first time shortly after Line of Blue was released. Of course we’ve heard it many times since – last time at Nettlebed last year (Thank you for singing This Night The Stars for us). We couldn’t help but wonder how many people have walked round the lake with your song constantly buzzing around in their heads. It must be quite a few. It was a wonderful experience.” – L and J.H in Berkshire

“As a great admirer of your music, I would like to thank you for the many years of great pleasure and enjoyment your music as given me. I have found it very Inspirational and lifted my spirits when feeling at a low ebb”. D.C. in UK

Re Stroud concert with Mike Silver.

“What a fantastic gig – you two are without a doubt a marriage made in heaven. Postcards from Cornwall and Journeys End made me weep…..stunning….hauntingly beautiful.” – R . C. in Glos

“there are no words to describe your remarkable talent. Your voice is incredible and the orchestration was also very beautiful and very well done! – M. G in USA

Feb 2009

“Thanks for putting on such a great (songwriting) weekend and it fulfilled a bit of an ambition I’ve had to play a song with you. Decameron really was and probably still is my favourite band (in my teens I just wanted to be Geoff March!). I have always enjoyed your song writing and the way you sing and found that very inspiring in my music work. I was so pleased when you recorded the enchanting Winding Stair and I came with my son to that special Decameron reunion gig. The album with Mike Silver is excellent and my family and I enjoyed your set with him at Holmfirth Folk Festival last year. – A.B in Yorkshire

“I thought the (songwriting) workshop was terrific. Venue would be hard to improve on – so much better to be ‘at home’ in a private houseÉ. I like the principle of basing the weekend around one to ones and focussing specifically on one or two songs. This is certainly what I wanted and need and was expecting. I also welcomed you sharing some of the theory underpinning your approach to writing/arranging – this is a missing element in a number of workshops that I have encounteredÉ” Ð P.C in Oxfordshire

“I received the CD’s a couple of days ago and I honestly can’t find the words to express how beautiful they are! I consider myself someone who has a fair amount of knowledge of music, voice and guitar, and I honestly can say that I have not ever heard a voice like yours! It is simply angelic! Your musicianship is also incredible. You have so much talent! I am overwhelmed at the song, “The Lakes of Coolfin”. I have never heard it before and it is so beautiful. I just want you to know that you now have a new fan here in the United States and I plan to order more music in the future.” – M. G in USA

Jan 2009

“thank you so much for the wonderful ‘All on a Winter’s night’ at the Town Hall in December – your concert always starts our Christmas and we love it every time – it was good to hear some of the ‘old’ tunes too and really special to finish with Keep the Flame.” – B and R.J in Glos.


“Hello Johnny & all. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR & all the best for 2009. Yet again, another great concert at the Sub Rooms in Stroud, it’s a great start to Christmas for us. Best Wishes….M and M. W in Glos.

“Thanks for continuing with all your wonderful concerts, it was great to see you all at Malmesbury, as good as it gets! You were the start of our Christmas, thank you.” – A and M .K. in Glos.

“What a marvellous concert (Cheltenham Town Hall 18 Dec).One of its deepest pleasures was hearing the best poetry – Causley, Hardy, Herrick – set so beautifully. The Herod Song (Innocents’Song) is a small masterpiece. I heard Show of Hands sing it in November, which they do very well, but it is, truly, your song. Thank you. Have a very good Christmas! Yours sincerely”- A.B. in Worcestershire, UK

“I just wished to express my thanks for the wonderful performance by yourself, Paul Burgess and Mick Dolan at Holy Trinity Church, Nailsea, on 19th December 2008. The atmosphere was perfect. I think the natural acoustics of the church environment are ideally suited to events like this and I don’t think it’s just co-incidence that the two gigs that I’ve found to be the most emotionally and spiritually uplifting that I’ve attended in recent years have taken place in such venues (the other being Robert Fripp’s Soundscapes in Exeter Cathedral). Apart from your own playing and singing, I very much enjoyed the readings from Paul, which served to add both variety and humour. Also worthy of particular mention are the obvious thought and work that went into the vocal harmonies, which were spot-on, and it’s especially clear that both Mick and Paul have an affinity with your own voice and an ear for the more unusual harmony intervals which is refreshing to hear these days. Your choice of material was also good – I really enjoyed “Past Three O’clock” and “Get Me Through December” (which speaks it’s own personal message to me), whilst “Galician Carol” was a real tour-de-force. The entire night was both entertaining and captivating.

Many thanks for a truly memorable experience. It’s not often that a musician that one last heard 20 years ago matches the expectations of time and memory – it’s even less often that these expectations are exceeded but you managed it! I’m just sorry that I’ve missed out on how your music has unfolded since “Roll On Dreamer” but between the CDs I bought last night and the website, it shouldn’t take me long to catch up!

– A.G. Nailsea, Somerset.UK

October 2009

“Just to say Phil Beer and yourself were just wondeful at Nettlebed.. Thanks for playing Peace Decends last night, it was beautiful. Several songs last night made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, your voice is just superb. It was the best concert I have been to this year and I have seen at least 10 bands at Nettlebed alone this year. Listening to Forest and Vale and High Blue Hill which I bought last night, it’s lovely. Thanks” S. B. in UK

“Good evening Johnny, Just to express our sincere appreciation for the very fine concert on Monday last. It was great to have a request answered – for the Inncocents Song. To think that you guys hadn’t played together for so long, and that PB (Phil Beer) wasn’t so familiar with your particular arrangement of the song, was amazing. Just one more request please – don’t wait so long for the next ‘reunion’ concert. Thankyou again. Kind regards” C and P. M in UK

“I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed listening to your CD “The Winding Stair” while sitting on our daughter’s porch out in Memphis Tennessee! I thought I had all your CD’s until I looked again at your website and see there are a few I need to add to the collection! Will be in touch to order when we get back next month.” T.S. in UK

“Saw you at Cheltenham Acoustic Guitar show Éyou and Mike were totally magicÉyour two voices absolutely go so well together. I have rarely felt so moved by a song such as the first one you sangÉ You both harmonise so beautifullyÉthanks for the pleasure.” – C.B. in UK

“thanks a lot for that nice concert in Bšnen last Friday. It was very exciting. You harmonize totally good together, voices, rhythm and instruments. Perfect!” M.B. in Germany

“thank you very much for the evening in Duisburg last week. I have bought some of your CDs and enjoy listening to them. This moment it is “Forest and Vale and high blue hill“. I’m fascinated by words and music, but need some time. There is so much in it to get discovered.” W. U. in Germany

“The Breaking the Silence” CD arrived a couple of days ago. I immediately listened to it and got shivers down my spine. Thanks for the emotions.” M. C in Italy

“Thank you so much for sending the beautiful CD ( Breaking the Silence ) which we all love. Your voices blend together wonderfully and we all love listening to the songs” – R. D. in France

(re Breaking the Silence CD) – ” What a wonderful blend of words, music and voices. Thanks again for the CD. I can’t tell you how great it is to hear you even if I don’t get to see you. Maybe in Shrewsbury sometime soon?”
W.P. in Shropshire

“Hubby and I saw you and Mike last night in Burslem. -you were both brilliant, and I would like to thank you both for singing the requests Garry asked for.
L.W. in Staffs

“Really enjoyed your set at The Arc in Trowbridge.. Mike and yourself really work well together. The previous week we saw Show of Hands, so in just over a week we enjoyed listening to the best two duos on the circuit. “
G.R. in Wiltshire.

“Just wanted to say what a marvellous concert that was on Friday at Twyning! You and Paul get better and better! The informal setting was lovely, a great evening out – many thanks!
S. H in Glos

“Just a quick note to you and Paul to thank you for a wonderful evening. We were all so thrilled with everything about the evening – the fantastic music of course but also the atmosphere, acoustics, audience reaction and so on. The combination of your various instruments is amazingly versatile making us want to dance a jig one minutes and weep buckets the next.! I have practically worn out Breaking the Silence – it is brilliant”
J. J. in Thornbury

“People are still talking with delight of your concert in Thornbury on 15 March – FOR GOOD REASON! – Very many thanks, Johnny- “
P.D. in Thornbury