BORDERLAND CD- Radio play and Reviews


Album of the Week on BBC Radio nan Gaidheal, the Caithream Ciuil show 14th to 18th April in Scotland – 
a track played every day.

BBC Radio 2 Folk Show, 3 songs live in session on Wed 18th June (with Paul Burgess) listen again…..also Mark Radcliffe played “Joseph Baker” on 26th March

Mike Harding’s online Folk show.
airplay on 30th March, 27th April

BBC Radio Ulster, Cherrie McIlwaine playing tracks.

BBC Radio Scotland, Iain Anderson played a track on the March 19th show.

BBC Radio Scotland, Travelling Folk

BBC Radio Wales, Celtic Heartbeat presented by Frank Hennessey

BBC Radio Shropshire, Genevieve Tudor’s Folk Show 
playing tracks

Black Diamond FM in Edinburgh, the Down The Byways show, played two tracks on March 22nd show, phone interview + 3 tracks on Sat 26 April with Kenny McDonald.

Moorlands Radio, the Anything Goes show presented by Simon Jones,

ALL FM in Manchester, the Art Beat show presented by Andrew Edwards,  played a track on his March 30th show.

FolkCast, track on March 30th show.

Mike Ganley’s Crooked Road playing tracks plus an interview to be broadcast in May.

Lincoln City radio/Siren FM, both in Lincoln, Alan Ritson playing tracks on his folk shows, was featured album and also getting daytime airplay.

10 radio in Somerset, David Bond played  a track on his April 3rd folk show.

Brooklands Radio in Surrey, the folk show presented by Bev Harris, track on April playlist.

Celtic Music Radio in Glasgow, Folkal Point show presented by Colin MacDonald, playing tracks.

Phoenix FM, Coffee Culture Show presented by Dave Boardman, played “Joseph Baker” on Mar 18th show.

BCB Radio in Bradford, the Under The Buttercup show presented by Rob Martin,

Argyll FM, the Trevox Folk show, tracks on March 30th show.

Marlow FM World/Folk show, tracks on  Saturday 22 March show.



“The new CD from Johnny Coppin “Borderland” is a total gem – great singing – uncluttered production – one of the best things he’s done ” – Mike Harding

”Johnny’s latest release is an eloquently sung and beautifully presented collection loosely connected by the title theme.
He’s perfectly supported by Karen Tweed, Paul Burgess, Mike Silver and other fine musicians; 
result: a disc that’s both immediately accessible and thoroughly appealing in its characteristic gentle strength of expression.” FROOTS magazine

“ I was pleased to hear Johnny’s voice is just as rich and emotive as I remember it. Here we have a collection of songs, most of which will be familiar – 
some traditional, some new. Included in the middle is a short ‘suite’ of three songs commemorating the centenary of the start of the First World War. 
Johnny tells the story in each clearly with the emotions to the fore. Throughout the whole disc the vocals are at the front but there are excellent arrangements 
featuring, amongst others, Paul Burgess, Mike Silver and Karen Tweed. The stunning flugelhorn of Kevin Harcourt on Dream Of England makes it the standout track.
 Make no mistake, this is a very polished work from someone who is still at the top of their game’’ THE LIVING TRADITION magazine

With a finely placed eclecticism ‘Borderland’ takes inspiration from England, Ireland, Wales and the USA, mixing moving narratives of leaving home, 
returning, fighting and dying, and all expounded through tradition, originals and self-penned. As a collection it’s as complete as you could wish.” – FOLKWORDS.COM

“12 songs for your delectation and all of them are superb.  I love Johnny’s voice as it is melodic, haunting and just plain fabulous, and he has done a great justice to this album, 
also playing guitars and piano in his own inimitable graceful style.” – FOLKING.COM

 Johnny has developed a talent for finding, as well as writing, excellent songs.”- R2 magazine

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